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Discover Lisa's proven techniques and strategies for attaining greater health and vitality, removing weight loss resistance, stopping sugar cravings, overcoming food intolerance and digestive disorders, detoxing, disease correction and more!

Lisa loves being a Nutritionist and has run a Nutrition Clinic in Sydney for several years achieving great results with her clients. As a Nutritionist, Lisa doesn't recommend artificial weight loss treatments or fad diets. She educates her clients about natural whole foods and long term habit changes.

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Is Gluten Bad For Us?

10-Apr-2014 Lisa Snowdon
With around 1% of the population suffering from Coeliac disease, and a higher number from non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (gluten intolerance), gluten free diets have become a hot topic and popular even among those who do not suffer from gluten sensitivity, causing many others to ask “Is going gluten free healthy?” While going gluten free is certainly the healthiest choice for those with wheat or gluten sensitivity, it may be the healthiest choice for everyone. Let's take a look at what gluten sensitivity is and why going gluten free can be a healthy choice for all.

Sugar and Inflammation

19-Dec-2013 Lisa Snowdon
Sugar And Inflammation There’s been a lot of talk in the media recently about sugar. Presenting a variety of plans to help you detox from sugar stating that doing so will not only result in weight loss, but also reduce chronic inflammation within your body. All this information has probably started you wondering exactly what connection there is between sugar and inflammation and just what benefits detoxing from sugar can have for your overall health.

Recipe: Moroccan Beef Patties With Tomato Salsa

06-Nov-2013 Lisa Snowdon
You don't need to only serve chips and dips or cheese and crackers as your party nibbles. You can serve these mini patties as finger food when entertaining, put them in the kids' lunch boxes or take on a picnic. They also work well with minced lamb or chicken. You can of course just make them into bigger burgers if you prefer.

Diet Products Are Not The Answer

31-Oct-2013 Lisa Snowdon
Losing weight can be an extremely difficult process, which is why many people who are trying desperately turn to a variety of diet products to help them reach their weight loss goals. However, the truth is that many of those diet products may actually be preventing you from losing those excess kilos, and may even contribute to weight gain.

Water - Our Most Important Nutrient

13-Oct-2013 Lisa Snowdon
We all know we’re supposed to be drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Most of us also know that water is important because it improves cell function, helps detoxify our system, and even prevents fluid retention. But did you know that water makes up more than half of your body weight? It’s true – our bodies are on average about 60% water, and every single system we rely on needs water to function properly. No wonder being properly hydrated is so essential to our health.

Jenny Childs

Calmbirth Practitioner - Sydney

Lisa is clearly a leader in her field. Her nutritional knowledge is broad and encompassing and her warm and professional manner immediately sets you at ease. She gave me complete clarity of my nutritional needs and was able to simplify the often confusing messages about food.

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