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Are You Confused How To Eat Right And Don't Know What To Do Next?

Have you tried every diet under the sun and nothing has worked for you?

Are your food habits out of control?

Are you sick of feeling tired all the time?

Then this program is for you...

Welcome To Lisa's 8 Week - Road To Wellness Program

Get ready to boost your energy, lose weight and feel great! 

This program will help you successfully:

  1. Reduce those harmful cravings that cause you to feel terrible and full of guilt
  2. Establish new healthy eating habits with simple recipes that use natural wholesome foods
  3. Learn the secrets to losing belly fat
  4. Discover the real causes of weight gain and what blocks you from losing weight successfully
  5. Develop all day abundant energy
  6. I'm providing all of my best diet and lifestyle information in the most convenient format so there's just no excuse not to get on Your Road to Wellness.

    The results speak for themselves - previous clients boast of lost weight, improved their energy levels, dropping of bad eating habits, improvements in their moods, and easily got their family on board with healthy eating.

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    *"Before working with Lisa on the Road to Wellness Program, I struggled with weight loss as I was trying to follow diets which were difficult to follow or to maintain, and after a while I gave up.

    Since starting the program, I learned great things and how stress can play a big role in not achieving my results. I feel healthier now, and I know this is an ongoing process not just a temporary diet.

    I look after what I eat with more confidence than before as I learned how to prepare my meals, so I can make my own choices with confidence, and I learned what I can eat when gathering with friends.

    I am losing weight gradually without feeling I am on a diet, it is a change of mindset on how and what we should be eating.

    When I look back at the investment, I feel it was a good decision because I learned many important things on Wellness that are very valid now and all my life. It is challenging at the beginning but having structured topics every week makes things easier."
      Mariella Lovera Raffo

    How Does The Road To Wellness Program Work?

    Each week you will receive information and action steps in each of the areas I've found vital to achieving long-term health and ideal weight. These topics include:
    Week 1 - Preparing Your Mind, Body & Environment. How to set yourself up for success and track your progress.

    Week 2 - Nutrition Basics & Meal Planning. Recipes, portion size information, guide to eating out, how to build healthy meals and smoothies.

    Week 3 - Optimising Metabolism With Nutrition & Supplements. Information on diagnostic testing, superfoods and supplements.

    Week 4 - Boosting Energy & Metabolism. Understanding your water requirements, good fats and bad fats, living foods, breathing and alkalinity.
    Week 5 - Releasing Fat With Stress Reduction. Why stress makes you hungry, switches on fat storage and what you can do about it.

    Week 6 - Get Moving. The best ways to find an exercise you love and increase your movement every day.

    Week 7 - Keeping Your Life From Getting Toxic. Tips and tools to reduce toxins. A guide of toxins in our environment and products.

    Week 8 - Creating Your Personal Plan & Mastering It For Life. Review of the information covered and additional self care tips.

    • Lisa will show you how to eat real food that will help you burn fat, lose weight, and maintain healthy weight loss.
    • You will learn methods that will help you change those habits that prevent you from keeping the weight off.
    • You will be able to eat anywhere without becoming the centre of attention or searching all over to find food you can eat.
    • You will reduce your cravings. You'll gain an understanding on how different foods affect your body and your weight so you can make informed choices. You'll restore the vitality, passion and confidence in all areas of your life.
    • You will be supported by Nutritionist Lisa Snowdon throughout the program, via direct email between you and Lisa, new weekly materials, weekly audios for you to download and keep, and a private 30 minute one-on-one session.

    So Let Me Ask You...

    Do you want to feel younger and more alive?
    Are you ready to clear up the confusion around your health?

    Say goodbye to worrying, looking bad, or feeling guilty that you cannot lose the weight, and start feeling great now!

    What's Included...

    1. Weekly handouts, education and instructions for you to download and keep forever.
    2. Weekly audios from Lisa where she'll go over the health topics for the week.
    3. A private one-on-one 30 minute strategy session with Lisa, schedule any time up until 4 weeks after the program ends.
    4. An online food and mood journal that you get to share with Lisa for her to make individual upgrades and changes to your diet to get the results you are after.
    5. Bonus - A meal planning and recipe database that gives you 6 weeks worth of dinner recipes per season. These recipes are all gluten, dairy and sugar free so will be helping you reach your weight loss goals. 

    To your good health,


    P.S. Naturally the information and guides you receive in this program are yours to keep. Which means you can repeat the program any time you feel you need to get back in balance.

    P.S.S. Remember, this is the FULL SYSTEM my clients go through. It’s not a cut down version. And you get to do it all at home for a fraction of the price of my consulting fees. 

     *"Before starting the programme, I was very reluctant to walk long distances, not to mention up hill. With lots of encouragement from the programme and my daughter I have managed to walk longer distances easily without becoming as exhausted and managing a few inclines with less difficulty than before. I feel much, much more energetic so much so that I do not skip one day of taking my walks. 

    I have learnt that keeping a record of meals helped to know what worked and was not so effective. 

    I used to be called a tea pot, because of my love for tea, even that has changed, I could never have tea without sugar, now I can easily have a healthy cup without sugar. 

    My concentration is better, though it is not where I would like it to be, but I am getting there. 

    When I visited the doctor last week for a general check up she said the blood pressure looks good. So there you have it, even that is better and I’m looking forward for the day I will be without medication. Whoohoo!!"
    - Ursula Reynolds

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    * Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person