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* I started to notice the start of my digestive issues occurring more frequently in 2015. At the end of Dec-15 / early Jan-16 my digestive symptoms increased in severity and my immune system seemed to have reached rock bottom when I got sick multiple times in a row, got gastroenteritis in Bali and then took antibiotics. After all this I was left feeling very very ill and suffering from the full suite of IBS symptoms and health issues on a daily basis which were quite severe that I could not work, function or eat normally as constantly felt sick (my symptoms were bloating, gas, constant nausea, reflux, indigestion, heartburn, irregular bowel movements, stomach cramps/pain, fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep, multiple food allergies). The GP and Gastroenterologist diagnosed with post infectious IBS but had no helpful advice on how to resolve it other than "it may or may not resolve on its own" and could be "months or years". I was at a point of desperation when I came to see Lisa and was worried that I would be stuck like this.

After working with Lisa for 6 months, I can say I am pretty much back to normal and feeling so much happier and healthier. It was only through Lisa's testing and advice that I finally got to the root cause of my issues which could finally be addressed. We had to deal with so many issues and monitor so many symptoms relating to SIBO, Dysbiosis and Candida and I had to apply strict dietary changes at the start. Lisa is very knowledgeable and she educated me on the right diet and "clean" eating and also why I got these issues in the first place. I saw improvement of my symptoms week to week as I worked through each treatment phase. As of today, all my IBS symptoms are pretty much resolved, my energy levels have come back to normal, I can now eat a lot of the foods I was having issues with before, and I don't crave junk food anymore. I felt very comfortable and supported by Lisa throughout the entire process. It has been a really positive experience and has been life changing in terms of my diet and awareness of my general health. Lisa has been fantastic and I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to my family and friends. - YP Chiew (September 2016)




* I initially came to see Lisa as I was experiencing a few IBS symptoms, most notably consistent bloating for extended periods of time, even upon waking in the morning. I found Lisa to be very knowledgeable as she was able to answer any of my questions in detail and describe the unknown processes/activity that was happening within my body. She was able to identify the most relevant test to conduct to confirm what she had hypothesised, and from there we were able to work through a program she had designed to ease my body back to normality. After going through the multiple phases I feel that I am much more educated on what goes on within my body, and am much more mindful of what I put into my body, as I have learnt the digestive system is critical to realising ideal health. With Lisa's program I now feel healthier than ever before and now have the tools to continue my life journey with optimal health. - T.H. (December 2016)



* After a frustrating year of taking several rounds of antibiotics and, limited and confusing answers regarding my health, I was glad to come across Lisa and her knowledge and guidance regarding repairing and rebalancing my gut the natural way. The information and advice she has provided to get me back on track has been immeasurable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone with concerns regarding their health. S. (December 2016)


* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person